About Us. Our main areas

Exiros is divided into five different areas, each one specialized in certain products or services. The know-how developed within them help buyers offer critical solutions to each customer’s needs.

Key Exiros areas


Exiros purchases raw materials on behalf of its customers on the basis of a broad-based understanding of the products required which involves in-depth market analysis and research, products and suppliers’ development, and total cost analysis. Tenaris and Ternium mills use these materials to produce the steel required to manufacture steel products worldwide. 

Materials purchased by this Department included, among others: iron ore, scrap, coke, coal, refractories and electrodes, ferro alloys among others.

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Steelmaking tools and supplies

The Steelmaking tools and supplies’ purchasing area specializes in sourcing supplies used in the production process for both steelmaking and steel lamination.

Products purchased by this Department: lamination cylinders, mandrels, inserts, and plugs among others.

Materials, repairs and operations (MRO)

The MRO area purchases materials that are not directly related to production output yet are critical to this process.

Products purchased by this Department: electrical, mechanical and hydro-pneumatic materials; metallic elements, pumps, valves, bearings and filters. 


The Exiros Services Department administrates the contracts for all services provided by third party companies.

Services purchased by this Department include: transportation, logistics, engineering, manpower and industrial cleaning among others.

Turn-key investments

Exiros Capital Expenditures procures the full range of equipment and tools required for special investments such as green or brown-field projects.

This includes upgrading equipment or plants as well as providing project management services in order to help customers meet their objectives.