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Being our supplier

2. A Long Term Bet3
Our suppliers

A long-term bet

We establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. More than half of our suppliers have been working with us for 10+ years. We're always looking to exchange best practices within our operations worldwide: many of our suppliers have started on a local level, and through mutual collaboration and synergy, have expanded their operations to other regions in the world.

3. Propymes Program

ProPymes Program

We prompt our suppliers' development through programs such as ProPymes created to boost the competitiveness of Techint Group's customers and suppliers in Mexico and Argentina. ProPymes is a way of institutionalizing cooperation and promoting association between the Group and its value chain, promoting its production investments, increasing its exporting capabilities and developing their internal market by efficient imports.

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4.Interested In Becoming A Supplier

Interested in becoming a supplier?

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If you'd like to be considered for upcoming opportunities, you can share your Company's contact details and a short description of how you think we could work together. Please note that this does not qualify as a registration– but only as a manifestation of interest.

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