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Material trading



  • Zinc

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel

  • Others

1. Zinc


Steel galvanizing represents 60% of global zinc demand. Exiros procures zinc for Latin America's largest hot dipped galvanized steel producer. We procure from all integrated regional producers, ensuring the most competitve supply for each of our clients.

2.  Aluminum


Used as the primary deoxidant for steel in the melt shop, we actively procure aluminum in diferent shapes and sizes from regional suppliers to meet our client´s requirementes in 8 countries in four different continents.

3. Nickel


Primarily used as an alloy in stainless steel, it improves corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures as well as toughness and strength. We physically market nickel to produce steel alloys in the Americas and Europe.

4. Others Metals


Exiros markets globally different metals to cover the needs of steel meltshops and foundries.


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