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About us

Our company

Who we are

Exiros is a global procurement company that offers integral solutions going from supplier sourcing activities to inventory management, within the Techint Group. Leveraging on market knowledge and purchasing power, Exiros also supplies materials for different customers around the world through its trading company.

A look into what we do

Main figures

  • 13 Bill

    USD in annual business, with 5.9 billion USD in raw materials.

  • 81,000

    registered suppliers worldwide, across 100 countries.

  • 13 Bill

    USD in annual business, with 5.9 billion USD in raw materials.

  • 81,000

    registered suppliers worldwide, across 100 countries.

  • 29

    cities with presence in 15 countries.

  • 2.8 Mill

    transactions items with our suppliers per year.

2. Main Purchasing Categories
What we procure

Main purchasing categories

  1. 1

    Raw materials

    Exiros purchases raw materials including: iron ore, scrap, coke, coal, ferroalloys and metals, among others.

  2. 2

    Steelmaking tools and supplies

    We source supplies used in the production process for both steelmaking and steel lamination, such as: electrodes, refractory bricks, lamination cylinders, mandrels, among others.

  3. 3

    Materials, Repairs and Operations (MRO)

    This category refers to the purchase of materials that are not directly related to production output, yet are critical to this process, such as: pumps, valves, bearings and several spare parts.

  4. 4


    We contract administration for all services provided by third companies, such as: engineering, manpower and industrial cleaning, among others.

  5. 5

    Turn-key investments

    Our team procures the full range of needs for turn-key investments such as green or brown-field projects. This includes everything from engineering and construction services, to specialized equipment, as well as providing project management services to meet our customers' objectives.

  6. 6


    Exiros contracts logistics services such as: ship, rail, truck, port services, and other inbound and outbound logistics.

3.What Sets Us Apart2

What sets us apart

  1. 1

    Cutting-edge technology

    Our technological architecture supports the purchasing process beginning-to-end, allowing our clients a complete follow-up on their purchases. 

  2. 2

    Culturally diverse global team

    Exiros is a young, global, results-oriented company in a process of steady expansion through continuous interaction between its multidisciplinary teams working in a crosscultural environment.

  3. 3

    Deep knowledge of both steel making process and its commodities market

    With a network of technically-qualified specialists, we have a deep knowledge of the market. We know where to buy and how it's used.

  4. 4

    Risk management

    Through supplier diversification and widely developed logistics network, Exiros is able to ensure product availability and a variety of specifications. This enables a quick response to its clients' needs and allows to reduce risks.

  5. 5

    A strong market participation

    With offices operating in several raw materials producing countries such as China, Brazil and Mexico.

  6. 6

    A firm commitment to build long-lasting relationships

    We build solid, long-term partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to accompany their every need and offer a competitive advantage.

Exiros around the world

Our global presence

  • Argentina

    Buenos Aires

    Carlos M. Della Paolera 299, Piso 6, Buenos Aires

  • Argentina


    Dr. Jorge Simini 250 (B2804MHA), Buenos Aires

  • Argentina


    Barreiro 2350, B1801 AOF, Buenos Aires

  • Argentina


    Route 22 JJ Lastra 3694, Neuquen

  • Argentina

    San Nicolás

    Av Savio 2900, Buenos Aires

  • Brazil

    Moreira César

    Rua Dr. Gonzaga, s/n, Moreira Cesar, Sao Paulo

  • Brazil


    Av. Dr. Gastão Vidigal Neto, 475 Cidade Nova, Sao Paulo

  • Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro

    Av João XXIII, 2891 Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro

  • Brazil

    Sao Caetano

    R. Manoel Coelho, 303 cep: 09510-100, Sao Paulo

  • Canada


    400, 530-8th Ave SW, Alberta T2P 3S8

  • Canada

    Sault Sainte Marie

    547 Wallace Terrace, Ontario P6C 1L9

  • China


    2001 South Kunlun Shan Road, Eco & Tech Development Zone, China

  • Colombia


    Km 48 +600 Via Oriental Palmar de Varela-Ponedera

  • Colombia


    Parque Industrial Carlos Vélez Pombo. Km 1. Via Turbaco

  • Colombia


    Km 2 Vía termales, La Enea

  • Colombia


    42 Numero 26-18 Itagüí

  • Guatemala

    Villa Nueva

    Boulevard Reformadores, 6-81, zona 4 Villa Nueva, Parque Industrial Las Américas

  • Indonesia


    Jl. Antartika 1 No.Kav F4, Cilegon- Banten

  • Indonesia


    Unit No. 211A, 11 floor, Sentral Senayan II Building JL. Asia Afrika No. 8 Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan

  • Italy


    Piazza Caduti 6 Luglio 1944, No. 1 24044, Dalmine BG

  • Mexico


    Estación Alzada 28509, Cuauhtémoc, Colima

  • Mexico


    Km 14 Carr. Merida-Uman, Yucatan

  • Mexico

    Mexico City

    Pte 150 895 Industrial Vallejo, Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México

  • Mexico


    Av 101 Munich, Cuauhtémoc, Nuevo León

  • Mexico


    Km 108 Autopista Mexico-Puebla Via Xalapa, Puebla

  • Mexico


    Km 433.7 Carr. Mexico-Veracruz Via Xalapa, Veracruz

  • Netherlands


    Piet Heinkade 55, 1019 GM

  • Nigeria


    Oil and Gas Freezone Federal Lighter Terminal Onne/Port harcourt, Rivers State

  • Romania


    DNCB 91 Soseaua de Centura,077160, Ilfov

  • Romania


    No. 93, Mihai Viteazu Blvd. 450131, Salar County

  • Saudi Arabia


    34326, 39th street,2nd Industrial City

  • Uruguay


    Dr. Luis Bonavita 1266, Edificio World Trade Cente

  • USA

    Bay City

    7960 TX-35, Texas 77414

  • USA


    4950 North Country Road 967, Blytheville, AR 72315

  • USA


    6403 6th Ave, Koppel, PA 16136

  • Chile


    Cerro El Plomo 5420, Piso 16
    7560742 Las Condes, Santiago.

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