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Material trading



  • Manganese Ore & Alloys

  • Ferrochrome

  • Ferromolybdenum & Moly Oxides

  • Ferrovanadium

  • Ferroniobium

  • Ferrosilicon

  • Cored Wire Alloys

  • Others Alloys

1. Manganese Ore & Alloys

Manganese Ore & Alloys

Manganese ores, ferromanganese alloys and silicomanganese are consumed in bulk in the steel meltshop as an essential component for deoxidizing and purifying steel, improving strength and hardenability. We have developed a network of over 20 suppliers from 10 different countries to ensure availability and competitiveness of the required quality for each of our clients.

2. Ferrochrome


Most of the world´s ferrochrome is used in the production of corrosion resistant steel. We source low, mid and high carbon ferrochrome for production of a wide range of steel alloys.

3. Ferromolybdenum & Moly Oxides

Ferromolybdenum & Moly Oxides

Ferromolybdenum is a hardening agent that prevents corrossion in heat treatable steels, widely used in steel for chemical and oil & gas industries. We market ferromolybdenum and moly oxides globally.

4. Ferrovanadium


Primarily used to improve tensile strength in construction steel, this alloy improves several qualities making it also useful for production of specialty steels for high-end applications. We comercialize ferrovanadium for a wide range of steel qualities, from rebar to specialty steels.

5. Ferroniobium


Ferroniobium is used in High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) steel, stainless steel alloys and also in alloys with a variety of nonferrous metals. Niobium containing steels have a high tensile strength and are often used in automotive, pipeline construction, jet engines, and heat resistant equipment. We source ferroniobium from the major global producers.

6. Ferrosilicon


Used to deoxidize steel. It is also used to produce silicon steel for electromotors and transformer cores, as well as in the manufacture of cast iron for inoculation of the iron to accelerate graphitization.

7. Cored Wire Alloys

Cored Wire Alloys

Metallurgical cored wire is a product of wire injection technology, in which a continuous steel tube filled with various alloys is injected directly into the molten metal for the purpose of steel refining, alloy addition, modification of inclusion, deoxidation, desulphurisation, dephosphorisation, etc. Exiros markets a wide variety of cored wires from major producers world wide, focused on meeting the specific technical requirements of each client. Marketed products include: calcium treatment (SiCa, AlCasi, AlCaFe, pure calcium), graphite, ferro boron, ferro titanium, among others.

8. Others Ferroalloys

Others Alloys

Exiros markets globally a wide range of alloying materials to cover the needs of steel meltshops and foundries.


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