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Techint Group

Leading manufacturer of pipes and related services for the world's energy industry and other industrial applications.

  • 11.8

    billion USD

    annual net sales

  • 7.8

    million tons

    of seamless and welded steel pipe manufacturing capacity

  • 378

    million USD

    in capital expenditures

  • 3

    R&D centers

    developing and testing new products

Who they are

Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Its mission is to deliver value to customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management.

2. What they do
Their clients

What they do

Tenaris's customers include most of the world’s leading oil & gas companies as well as engineering companies engaged in constructing oil & gas gathering, transportation and processing facilities. Its principal products include casing, tubing, line pipe, and mechanical and structural pipes.

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