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We build solid, long-term partnerships with our clients. No matter the size, location or complexity of the challenge; our goal is to help them achieve their ambitious plans.

Pesquería, Nuevo León, México

Hot rolling mill - Ternium

This new hot rolling mill with a capacity of over 4 million tons per year, produces specialized steels for the automotive and home appliances industries. In total, more than 1,100 million dollars were invested for its development and about 2,400 people participated in its construction.

Fortín De Piedra
Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina

Fortín de Piedra - Tecpetrol

In 2017 Tecpetrol began the massive development of the field, in which it has already spent more than 2 billion USD in the construction of facilities, plants, pipelines, the drilling of horizontal wells and the application of techniques such as hydraulic stimulation. In just 18 months, the field reached a production of 17.5 million m3/day of gas, representing 13% of Argentina's total gas output. Today Fortin de Piedra is considered an example for the industry worldwide. Due to the project, an increase in efficiency standards was achieved.

Roraima, Amazonia, Brazil

Jaguatirica II - Techint

Techint Engineering & Construction carries out the construction, assembly, integration and commissioning of the UTE Jaguatirica II, the lifting substation, the transmission line and connection to the Boa Vista substation, in addition to the construction of the entrance and the access bridge to the plant.

Baogang Tenaris
Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China


Premium connection threading plant will produce OCTG products for the Chinese market. This is a joint-venture between Tenaris and Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel.

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